Check your face symmetry

Upload a photo of yourself and let the AI determine your face symmetry.

Tips to Get the Best Out of FaceSymAI

Maximize the accuracy of your facial symmetry analysis with these simple steps.

Use Good Lighting

Ensure your face is well-lit, with even lighting to avoid shadows that might distort your facial features. Natural daylight is preferable, facing towards the light source.

Frontal Pose

Take the photo with your face directly facing the camera, maintaining a neutral expression. This position helps the AI accurately assess your facial symmetry.

Clear Background

Use a simple, uncluttered background to ensure there's a clear contrast between your face and the surroundings. This helps the AI focus on analyzing your facial features without distractions.

Avoid Obstructions

Make sure your hair is pulled back and that glasses or other accessories are removed. Obstructions can interfere with the symmetry analysis, affecting the accuracy of the results.

Frequently asked questions

The facial symmetry analysis on our website utilizes advanced image processing and AI algorithms. Upon uploading a photo, it's examined to pinpoint facial features like the eyes, nose, mouth, and overall facial structure. Mathematical and statistical methods are then applied to evaluate the symmetry of the face. Our AI models, trained with extensive datasets, deliver accurate and reliable symmetry assessments.
For the symmetry analysis, we extract detailed information about your face from the uploaded photo. This includes the alignment and proportion of eyes, nose, and mouth, alongside the contours and overall structure of the face. These elements are essential for accurately assessing facial symmetry.
We highly value your privacy. Photos uploaded for facial symmetry checks are not permanently stored on our platform. They're solely used for the intended analysis and treated with utmost confidentiality and security. Your personal data is safeguarded, and we ensure photos are not retained or repurposed.
Yes, the facial symmetry check on our website is completely free. Our goal is to make this innovative service accessible to everyone, without financial barriers. The site is supported through advertising, enabling us to offer the symmetry check at no cost to our users.
Our AI-powered symmetry analysis is highly accurate, thanks to training on a diverse dataset of faces. While we strive for precision, the accuracy might vary based on the photo's quality or if facial features are obscured. For the best results, ensure the photo is clear and well-lit.
Currently, our facial symmetry analysis is optimized for individual faces. In group photos, the AI may struggle to accurately identify and analyze each face separately, potentially impacting the precision of the symmetry analysis.
The accuracy of the symmetry analysis greatly depends on the photo's quality. We advise using a well-lit, clear photo where the face is directly facing the camera without obstructions like hair or accessories. A high-quality image ensures a more precise analysis.
You're welcome to use the facial symmetry check as frequently as you like. There are no limits to the number of times you can analyze your photos, allowing you to upload various images for comparison and achieve the most accurate assessment of your facial symmetry.